Polystyl Agora
Arcadia Middle Grey 5589066

Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Polystyl Origin | Sherwood Clair 6761010

Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Polystyl Origin | Sherwood Clair 6761010

Durable and Beautiful

Polystyl vinyl sheet flooring is highly durable and beautiful so you get a high-end looking floor with a realistic timber, stone or concrete appearance without the maintenance nor the high price-tag of hard flooring.

Polystyl Agora | Apun Oak Light Grey AGO-27013036

Available across three ranges, and exclusively in NSW and QLD, there is a Polystyl solution for every residential project

Manufactured in Europe by Tarkett, Polystyl features all of the durability you expect from a resilient floor covering. Polystyl sheet vinyl is: waterproof, stain resistant, impact resistant and scratch resistant. With very few seams, it is also easy to maintain and keep clean.

The waterproofness and ease of maintenance make Polystyl’s residential vinyl sheet flooring both child friendly and pet friendly while the combination of high-durability and low-cost make it perfect for rental properties.

Soft & warm

Stain resistant

Natural look & feel

Highly durable


Stocked in large volumes

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Polystyl Lumina | Kent Clair LUM-27120004

Why Polystyl?

Beautiful and durable, Polystyl is not your average vinyl sheet flooring.

Design & Performance

Manufactured by Tarkett in Europe, all of Polysty’s flooring feature authentic designs and high definition patterns.

• Available in beautiful stone, timber and concrete designs
• Extensive colour options
• High resistance to indentation
• Wear layers provide durability and resistance to scratching
• Ultra matt surface effect for a natural and realistic finish
• High Performance PUR surface treatment to prevent visual ageing and easy removal of scuff marks


Comfort is Polystyl’s range of textile and cushion-backed residential sheet vinyl.

High impact sound reduction ratings (16dB to 19dB) on the three residential ranges Origin, Agora and Lumina
• Softer and warmer underfoot than luxury vinyl tiles, laminate and ceramics
• Softer floors are safer floors for our young and elderly
• Outstanding sound insulation without the need for additional underlay, making them ideal for multi-level homes and apartments^

^ Data sheet should be approved by apartment building management prior to the purchase of the product

Wellbeing & Sustainability

Polystyl vinyl sheet flooring has been designed for healthy living. 

• Manufactured with up to 30% recycled content
Easy to clean with no deep grout joins or seems to collect direct and dust build up
• Phthalate-free technology for healthy indoor environments and improved air quality
• Carries the British Allergy Foundation’s seal of approval

Residential Sheet Vinyl

Polystyl Agora | Gea Light Grey 27013015

Residential Sheet Vinyl

Polystyl Origin | Mill Oak – Light Brown 5827216

Residential Sheet Vinyl

Polystyl Lumina | Ancares Grey 27120013

Polystyl Range Guide



Entry level cushion backed residential sheet vinyl.

  • 0.25mm wear layer
  • 16db impact sound reduction
  • 10 year residential warranty 



Entry level textile backed residential sheet vinyl.

  • 0.20mm wear layer
  • 16db impact sound reduction
  • 10 year residential warranty 



Premium textile backed residential sheet vinyl.

  • 0.35mm wear layer
  • 19db impact sound reduction
  • 15 year residential warranty 


Polystyl vinyl sheet flooring is built to last. Manufactured for longevity, our ranges of Polystyl vinyl sheet flooring also consist of classic and popular timber, stone and concrete looks that won’t date. By avoiding fad colours and choosing a quality, long lasting product you are investing in a long-term flooring solution.
A long-term solution means less product purchased and used over time, which equals less waste. However, when it does come time to replace your Polystyl vinyl sheet flooring you can avoid contributing to landfill as all of our Polystyl ranges are 100% recyclable. Any off-cuts left over from installation can also be recycled. Polystyl is also phthalate-free and has a high indoor air-quality rating, which together contribute to healthier working and living environments.

Polystyl Lumina | Derby Light Grey 5659030

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